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Our daily dropping care rate is $50 per day if space is available. Feel free to contact us for more information. 

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Welcome to THE SHAKTIBARRE APP®: follow us @shaktibarre on Instagram Our classes + trainings are fully online while pop-ups and retreats are in person! THE SHAKTIBARRE APP® offers effective, compassionate, and connected barre and yoga classes for everybody while innovating our fitness industry through metrics that empower and include. Please explore for thorough details, visuals, and stories about all the fitness magic you'll experience here. Our signature SHAKTIBARRE class tones, lengthens, and awakens your body and mind in a unique yoga-barre workout combining isometric ballet movements with vinyasa flow, chakra activation, and empowering meditation. We also have hiit, core, ballet, just arms/legs/buns, and dance-inspired barre classes plus vinyasa and restorative yoga. You can download the mobile app from the Apple Store for phone-only use, and/or here's how to access the app via your phone or computer's browser: (1) Live Workouts: Register via Mindbody per usual under the LIVE WORKOUTS tab. Then, you'll get a link in your email anywhere between 0 and 30 mins pre-class. Make sure you're subscribed to our emails and that doesn't default to spam. • Log in to Mindbody
• Go to Profile ➡ Personal ➡ Edit
• Check all the email boxes
• Click "Save" (2) Pre-Recorded Workouts: Access these under the PRE-RECORDED WORKOUTS tab. These include both workouts we plan and film seasonally and archived live workouts. How to filter your Pre-Recorded workouts so you get exactly what you want: • Click the 3 lines at right and they will become 4 squares, dividing your videos into Barre (signature, core, ballet, dance, arms/legs, buns), Yoga (power and bliss), Bootcamp (muscle-focused amplifiers), Interval Training (hiit), and Other (meditation and stretching). • Further, use "Sort By" for newest/oldest, longest/shortest, A-Z workout titles Please use the following resources below for the quickest and most thoughtful reply to your insights: ➡ (questions, feedback, love letters)
➡ (many more details about SHAKTIBARRE)
➡ (Instagram) All of our FAQ can be found at under "All Your Q's" and you are responsible for carefully reading each one so we can continue creating an environment of mutual respect. With love,
Your Shakti Gals PURCHASE POLICY All sales are final and our current purchase options are below: JUST 1 WEEK ($18 each time) ~ these expire 7 days after you purchase them. 1 MONTH AT A TIME OVER 12 MONTHS ($22.99/month) ~ this contract is for 1 year and then it re-ups. If you wish to cancel at the 1 year mark, you must email us 90 days in advance. The only exception here is should you unfortunately become injured or sick (with a doctor's note) in your outside life then we will add the exact amount of missed time onto the end of your contract. YEARLY UPFRONT ($230/year) ~ this contract is for 1 year and then it re-ups. If you wish to cancel at the 1 year mark, you must email us 90 days in advance. The only exception here is should you unfortunately become injured or sick (with a doctor's note) in your outside life then we will add the exact amount of missed time onto the end of your contract. LIABILITY WAIVER Welcome to THE SHAKTIBARRE APP®. Our classes + trainings are fully online while retreats are in-person! Signing this liability waiver is a mandatory aspect to attending any and all of our offerings. Under absolutely no circumstance are we liable for you, anyone you know, or any of your belongings while engaging with SHAKTIBARRE and if you forget to sign this document you still are solely responsible for your experience here. Please exercise responsibly and always seek the care of a medical professional first and foremost. Last but not least, we reserve the rights to any photo or video footage of you thay me be acquired should it feature any of SHAKTIBARRE's services and programming. Thank you in advance for placing your trust in our classes, trainings, and retreats while also doing your due diligence to protect yourself. CANCELLATION POLICY If attending live classes, sign up for class in your Mindbody Booking Account so we know you're here! Late cancels (less than 6hrs notice) + no shows do incur a $5 fee and there are no exceptions. TERMS + CONDITIONS To participate in THE SHAKTIBARRE APP® you must have an active and valid card on file in your Mindbody Booking Account. Not having this secure information while under contract will result in a tally of missed revenue, for which you are subject to. We will always give you an email heads up if you card has an issue and from the date of that email, you have 72 hours to provide a valid form of payment. PRIVACY POLICY SHAKTIBARRE 100% respects your privacy. By using our website, app, and newsletters you accept the following conditions: We collect information through digital and electronic means such as your name, billing information, and email. We do not sell your information.We use a variety of industry standard physical, technical, and administrative security measures to ensure the safety of your information. If you have any reason to believe your interaction with us is no longer secure (for example, if you feel the security of any account you might have with us or our service providers has been compromised), please immediately notify us of the problem. Should any of your interactions with us lead you to outside websites, their privacy policies take effect. And finally, we reserve the right to update this privacy policy at any time.


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